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General information

The mission of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe is multidisciplinary education in rhinoplasty. This involves clinical teaching and research, to the purpose of improving and expanding current knowledge in functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty, based on scientific methods and validated data, as well as on the personal experience of recognized masters in the field.

The RSE Fellowship is founded on this mission. It includes 3 components:


Exposure to rhinoplasty surgery in the operating theatre of RSE recognized training centers. Fellows collect 60 credit points by attending or assisting surgery during 3 months (60 days). One credit point per day will be granted. The schedule may be planned at the discretion of the candidate in agreement with the RSE teacher. The Fellowship must be completed within a minimum of 60 days to a maximum of 2 years.


Three interviews with the tutor, a representative of the Fellowship committee, after 20, 40 and 60 credit points. The candidate is expected to present 2 case studies and discuss the content of RSE training webinars at each interview.


A stipend will be paid as detailed below. The Fellow will be awarded the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) at a ceremony during the annual meeting.

The goal of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe is education in rhinoplasty. The Fellow will therefore primarily be offered state-of-the-art teaching in the concepts and practice of rhinoplasty. Exposure to all aspects of rhinoplasty before and after surgery and during the procedure will be the mainstay of training. The Fellow will not be expected to perform procedures. Hands-on experience such as scrubbing in for operations will be offered within the limits set by the policies and regulations of hosting institutions. Learning objectives are listed in the Fellowship curriculum of the RSE. They include RSE endorsed Webinars, a reading list and an in-depth discussion of the philosophy and individual profile of each hosting institution.

The minimum requirement for the RSE Fellowship is 60 days (corresponding 60 credits points) spent in the operating theatre, attending rhinoplasty cases. This requirement must be fulfilled within 2 years, whereas the 60 day period may be broken down to units of single days, although longer stays are preferable.  

Full and associate RSE members who are board-certified in Plastic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology or Maxillofacial surgery and under the age of 40 are eligible for the Fellowship. Applications (see below) are to be submitted on the RSE Fellowship Committee through the RSE website and will be evaluated by the Fellowship Committee. Eligibility of highly qualified residents, in their final year before Plastic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology or Maxillofacial surgery Board Certification, whose curriculum documents a particular interest in Rhinoplasty will be at the discretion of RSE.

The assignment of a RSE Fellowship position will be at the sole discretion of the Fellowship Committee. Eligible applicants will be interviewed during the annual RSE meeting to follow their application. The interview may be antedated. The interview with the Fellowship Committee will be conducted in person or by conference call.

All training centers are approved by the Fellowship Committee of the RSE. Institutions and surgeons that accepted RSE’s invitation to contribute as a training center can be found listed below. Each center will detail its individual profile including its case load and specifics. Whenever applicable, additional information on travel and lodging requirements will be provided.


  • Baris Cakir – Turkey
  • Nazim Cerkes – Turkey
  • Jean-Brice Duron – France
  • Charles East – United Kingdom
  • Hossam Foda – Egypt
  • Olivier Gerbault – France
  • Miguel Goncalves – Portugal
  • Wolfgang Gubisch – Germany
  • Sebastian Haack – Germany
  • Martin Haug – Switzerland
  • Werner Heppt – Germany
  • Julian Rowe Jones – United Kingdom
  • Haldun Kamburoglu – Turkey
  • Garyphalia Lekakis – Belgium
  • Konstantin Lipski – Russian Federation
  • Enrico Robotti -Italy
  • Helena Silveira – Portugal
  • Suleyman Tas – Turkey
  • Abel-Jan Tasman – Switzerland
  • Vitaly Zholtikov – Russian Federation

Fellows are expected to play an active role in clinical and scientific work. They are coached by a RSE tutor, who is a representative of the Fellowship Committee, and expected to report on the progress of the Fellowship after collecting of 20, 40 and 60 credits. Upon completion of the Fellowship the Fellow will present 2 clinical cases and discuss the content of the RSE training webinars and suggested reading articles in an interview with the Fellowship Committee. Fellows are encouraged to submit one paper for publication on a relevant indexed journal regarding clinical and experimental data collected during the Fellowship period, in collaboration with his hosting surgeon. Each Fellow is required to write a report summarizing what she/he learned during the Fellowship. This will be published on the website and will also be presented during the following annual RSE meeting. The Fellow must commit to attend this meeting at which she/he will be awarded the Society’s Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) at a ceremony during the annual meeting.

Each Fellow will be awarded a 5000 € stipend to be in payments of 1000€ after reaching 20, 40 and 60 credit points and an interview with the tutor in each case and 2000€ upon completion of the Fellowship after final interview with Fellowship committee.

RSE will not provide funding for travel, lodging or local expenses. Hosts will assist in finding convenient lodging.

Travel arrangements will be at the sole responsibility of the Fellow. An invitation letter will be provided by the hosting institution. The respective stay requires the valid national visa regulations. Whitin the framework of the Fellowship, it is possible to visit multiple training centers.


Fill out the form and send your application request. Prepare the required documentation (see list below), it will be needed to evaluate your application.

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The following documentation will be required for application:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certified document of identity
  • Photograph
  • Certificate of good standing (by medical authority of country of residence)
  • MD certification, board certification if applicable (not for residents)
  • Detailed motivational letter
  • Two sponsors (one of which from head of department, if applicant works in a department, or training programme director if applicant is last year resident)
  • Infection status (Hepatitis B, HIV, Covid 19 vaccination/expired disease)