Rhinoplasty FAQs

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What’s rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, which is most commonly known as the aesthetic nose surgery, is a procedure of remodeling and correcting nasal appearance of the nose.

Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty?

If you are not happy with the shape of your nose you would be a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. The exact decision can only be given after a rhinoplasty surgeon’s consultation.

Can the nasal breathing problems treated within the same operation of my aesthetic surgery?

Yes, it can. To separate these procedures is generally not recommended. Because, some of the obstructive elements such as deviated septum, can be recycled and used for aesthetic purposes.

Which technique is better? Closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty?

Every technique has some advantages and disadvantages. During the consultation, your surgeon will decide on which technique is suitable for you.

After a rhinoplasty procedure, can I see the results immediately?

No. After the surgery, there may be some swelling and bruising. It varies between the patients because of the different healing properties which is definitely genetic. Major swellings pass away in a few weeks, on the other hand minor ones may stay for months. But don’t worry, those minor swellings are not easily noticeable. You must know that, you will see the exact shape and details of your nose after one year. (In secondary and revision cases these periods may be longer) Up to that time enjoy the evolution of your new nose. Additionally, the degree of the bruising has no relation with the result of your surgery. If occurs, it generally passes away in a few weeks too.

Can the result be guaranteed by any surgeon?

No, it is not possible. This is because, nose is a living tissue. Whatever the surgeon does his best during the operation, he/she cannot know how the tissues will heal. Every patient has different healing properties and processes and it just can be predicted. As a result of this a guarantee is not possible on anywhere in the world.

Will I like my result? Will my nose be like my friend’s beautiful nose?

If your expectations are correlated with the results that can be achieved scientifically, probably yes you may. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to expect someone else’s results or noses. This is because, everyone has different tissue characteristics and facial proportions. Rhinoplasty is a very individual procedure and someone else’s nose may not fit you as you expect. Additionally, your tissues may not be able for to be done.

What is the risk of a complication or second operation?

This depends on a lot of factors. The patients’ healing properties and surgeon’s experience are just two of them. But within the most experienced surgeon’s hands, (although it is lower) there is still some risk.  As a result of this, if it is irremissible and totally unacceptable for you to encounter a complication, you may think not to be operated.

Which season is better to be operated? Winter or summer?

Scientifically, there is no season for this operation. On the other hand, there are some social factors. For example, in summer you have to wait a few weeks after the operation for a hot weather holiday. In winter, you must care about not to get flu before the operation, otherwise the operation would be postponed until you get well.

What is the aim of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe?

This community was established to improve rhinoplasty learning and teaching among rhinoplasty surgeons in Europe as well as other continents. The members of this society are the ones who especially interested in rhinoplasty and who prefer to perform these operations in their practice.

How can I find a rhinoplasty surgeon?

You can search a rhinoplasty surgeon in this website’s ‘Find a Surgeon’ section.