YEO Messaging


The RSE are proud to announce their partnership with YEO Messaging – a secure, private messaging platform.

YEO gives absolute privacy and control over things such as your messages, files, images, video and voice communications.

YEO is a confidential messaging platform secured through a strongly encrypted private channel. Messages sent via YEO are encrypted at the point of creation and only decrypted when the facial recognition on the recipient’s device authenticates the user.

YEO, unlike other popular messaging platforms, is the only messaging platform that continuously authenticates the recipient throughout correspondence and guarantees that only the designated user can see the content.

YEO strictly adheres to data privacy laws and is GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA compliant, offering a messaging platform to doctors, patients, businesses, lawyers and government users.


Unlike email or other messaging platforms, YEO not only guarantees the delivery to the designated recipient, but authenticates their identity throughout the communication, and confirms where and when they have opened and read the message.

Continuous Facial Authentication

Only the designated recipient can see the message content. Recipients are continuously authenticated. 


The sender controls where messages can be seen using geofencing technology


Double ratchet protocol end-to-end encryption on all your messages and attachments.


Sender has complete control of content at all times. Recipient can not screenshot, copy or save without permission.

and Regulatory

Unique backend architecture allows businesses to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Multi – Factor

Liveness facial gestures, one time passcode, 3D facial recognition  and voice recognition.

Download YEO Messaging for free

YEO at work | Healthcare

YEO Messaging will be launching YEO Pro and YEO For Business which include more functionality and use for business users – for example: content sharing and storage capabilities, audit, back up, multi-devices, document signing, consent forms, voice and video calling. 

We are happy to announce that all RSE members will be offered YEO Pro for free and YEO For Business at £6 per month.

To learn more about YEO Messaging please visit the YEO website or get in touch to find out more about this opportunity.