Update and new year greetings

Dear Colleagues and Members of our Society,

it is my strong hope that you and your families have begun the New Year with the positive spirit of turning a dark page and looking ahead.  Pablo Neruda once said “you can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming”, and indeed this saying befits our times

The past year brought to so many of us anguish, uncertainty and even fear.  For some of us, it even brought tragedy into our families.  For most, the Covid 19 pandemic meant spending much time at home, reducing revenue and rethinking the future, not always negatively when it meant focusing on what is important in life.  Now, it’s time to look ahead with the optimism progressively coming from vaccinations and the strength of what we’ve learnt In these unprecedented times

In the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, we are linked to one another by a common passion for rhinoplasty, which often comes together with strong personal friendships. Education without bias and open exchange of ideas are the RSE mission and reason of being

During this year, difficulties have been many and especially the major one has been the uncertainty and impossibility of planning ahead. This is why we’ve had to give up well-formed plans such as the annual RSE meeting, the third International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies with our sister  “The Rhinoplasty Society US,”  the pre- summer cruise and, unfortunately, also the important dissection and live surgery courses.  All these initiatives had to be cancelled after alternating times of optimism then followed by the realization of the magnitude of the pandemic around us

However, the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe has been far from silent in 2020.  Initiatives have been many:

  • A very successful series of webinars, currently continued in the “10 challenges in rhinoplasty” coordinated by Sebastian Haack.  In the current wide panorama of web-based initiatives, RSE webinars have focused on practical, sequential and mainstay topics and have enjoyed the collaboration of renowned International faculty.  All webinars are recorded and available for delayed viewing by members on our website.
  • Significant improvements in the RSE website. Those have involved the Member area,  including first of all the new “Help Tools” section, concerning body dysmorphic disorder and medical rhinoplasty, with practical presentations from Philio Lekakis, Peter Palhazi and Suleiman Tas, as well as the Covid 19 “How can we safely get back to work” recommendations, in collaboration with The Rhinoplasty Society US.  Again in the Member area, the current video-library contents have been organized by Michael Brandstetter, facilitating specific search by members.  We are planning to soon add new additions to the video library.  In the Patient section, the rhinoplasty “FAQ Video Clips” collecting the most frequently patient questions on rhinoplasty has been handsomely coordinated and organized by Haldun Kamboroglu.
  • The RSE Committees have worked hard on multiple issues. Those have especially  included the  Science and Research Committee with the enthusiastic work of Martin Haug on several projects detailed on our website, the Education Committee chaired by the President-elect Werner Heppt regarding webinars planning and working on the newly incoming Fellowship program,  the Website Committee chaired by Haldun Kamburoglu ,  and The Membership committee under the guidance of Konstantin Lipski in its delicate task of evaluating specific situations regarding applicants.  Importantly , our  Members-at-large: Olivier Gerbault, Hossam Foda, and Vitaly Zholtikov have given us constant support and precious advice.
  • Our official Journal is now Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which has impressively grown with Bahman Guyuron as new Editor-in-chief. In fact, the name of RSE is first of the list of affiliated societies and organizations!
  • We now also have gathered several surgeons of reputation and experience, offering availability to receive visitors within the Visiting Experts program of the RSE.  Applications and contacts need to be individualized due to limitations due to Covid in several centers.
  • On a lighter note, we have now also started a line of specific RSE products, the first of which already available is a Membership Plaque which can proudly stand in your office!  The details of how to purchase it are available on the website.

It is striking how RSE has grown in this year of darkness and uncertainty, notwithstanding all odds. We now count almost 400 members from over 50 countries.  Our funds, which are essentially derived from membership fees, are well managed by our secretary Helena Silveira and allow us to realize projects of use to our members. I don’t want to dwell on the reasons of this success, but I can only say I think it’s the same concept clearly privileged by our ever-present Founding President Wolfgang Gubisch and the Past-President Nazim Cerkes: simply being less political and more practical, focused on generously sharing knowledge and improving our results. That’s indeed what matters essential to all of us in our practices. 

What will be our plans for 2021? Obviously, it will depend on the global situation regarding the pandemic, but in essence our focus will be on providing Education in whatever way will be feasible, by webinars, videos, presentations, members forums etc.  We plan to have our awaited RSE annual meeting this year,  where I will be honored to yield my presidency  to Werner Heppt. We strongly hope that we will be able to go back to shaking our hands in in-person events and courses, although the future will probably be a welcome hybrid between online and in-person meetings.  After all, online education underwent an impressive growth during this period, and its benefits are there to see for all of us. At the same time,  we will continue positive marketing towards patients in social media and other channels of communication so as to emphasize the value of their surgeon being a member of the RSE!  Also, we plan to finalize very soon the RSE funded Fellowship Program, as well as to provide our members with a secure communication platform, in an innovative application coordinated by Charles East, where patients photos and technical queries can be posted without conflict with the stringent privacy laws existing in Europe.

All these initiatives will be highlighted on the website in accordance to how the situation develops.  However, I can promise that we will keep on going with strength and enthusiasm in 2021,  since we want our society to be, first of all and before anything else, indeed functional and serviceable for our members!

All my best wishes for a happy, successful and productive 2021!

Enrico Robotti, MD
President of RSE

January 2021


Dear Colleagues,

first of all, let me thank you for electing me as President of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe during the annual meeting in Stuttgart just held in April 2019

I will do my best in the next two years for the benefit of our society on the same path as outlined by Nazim Cerkes and Wolfgang Gubisch.

Since our foundation in May 2011, our Society has progressively grown in size and reputation. We now have, at the time of this writing (May 2019), 286 members from 53 countries.  Our mission is simply stated:  to join together a group of surgeons who are passionate about rhinoplasty honest about their results, genuine in their effort to improve and generous towards sharing knowledge with others who share the same enthusiasm.  This has been primarily what has allowed us to grow and prosper.

To Wolfgang Gubisch we owe the vision of founding the Society in a time of not easy relationship with the Facial Academy and the determination to nurse its growth. To Nazim Cerkes we all a lot of new ideas and selfless interest in expanding it.  I will follow and develop those lines in accompanying our Society in its maturation phase.  We have expanded our Committees, introduced new members in the Board, and are seeing the positive effect of brainstorming with new productive  ideas. Among the new Committees, a special mention must be made of the Science and Research committee, which is planning highly interesting projects on contemporary rhinoplasty concepts and topics which merit an evidence-based,  approach.   It is my desire and commitment that Committees and Board members will work actively together in a positive spirit of respect and collaboration during my mandate and beyond.

There are quite several reasons for which a new member may wish to join us:

  • Being an active part of a “Community of Kin”. This means learning from each other, exchanging truthful experiences, and thus shortening our learning curve, as well as developing lasting
  • Education: meetings, dissection courses, live surgeries, videostreaming
  • Videolibrary on our website
  • WhatsApp Group to discuss cases and ask questions
  • Visiting the Experts program. This is the opportunity, as listed on our website, of visiting some of our members who are especially expert in rhinoplasty as observers for short periods
  • Sistership with The Rhinoplasty Society (TRS) as our counterpart in the United States with a reciprocal membership agreement for reduced fees
  • Affiliation with ISAPS- Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal
  • RSE social media and “positive” marketing of a member’s practice
  • RSE Fellowship: a great educational opportunity for young members

What are our plans for the future?

At the time of writing, our website is being completely renovated and its contents optimized to make it modern, responsive, SEO updated, optimized for mobile devices and more useful to members and patients alike. Our new webmaster and social media manager is Mr Marco Scaramucci of Elidria.com. Together with the members of the Website Committee a progressive social media campaign has now been actively promoting RSE on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.  Since April 2019, we also have the pleasure of welcome our new and efficient secretary in Germany, Mrs Anna-Lena Behncke.  We are also defining by expert legal advice some delicate aspects of the new GDPR privacy regulation in Europe, regarding patients data and their use on website and social media

We have quite a number of new planned specific RSE activities over the next two years:

  • The third International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies (IMRhiS), to be held in Berlin on October 9-11, 2020. This will follow the positive path of the two previous meetings (Versailles n 2016 and Miami in 2018) , which have been alternatively held on either side of the Atlantic every two years between the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and The Rhinoplasty Society US
  • Our new RSE Fellowship program will begin in 2020
  • A pre-summer cruise in the Aegean is planned in June 2020, to continue the wonderful experience of the riverboat cruise held in June 2017 from Moscow to St Petersburg
  • A new format of the yearly RSE meeting will be implemented, to hold the meeting in different locations in different countries
  • A specific dissection course is planned in 2021

In conclusion, as you can see, there s a lot going on and a lot to help us with.  To accomplish our goals: growth, improvement, and substantially be of practical help to our members in their busy professional lives we need help, involvement, and advice. It is my wish that the Society becomes an interactive, fervid community to which any member will be proud to belong.

With all my warm regards.


Enrico Robotti, MD
President of RSE

May 2019