10 Years Anniversary

MAY 4, 2011-2021

May 4, 2011 | 9 surgeons from Europe | 1 idea was born



Michael Bromba, Nazim Cerkes, Andreas Dacho, Helmut Fischer, Wolfgang Gubisch, Werner Heppt, Konstantin Lipski, Enrico Robotti, Rainer Rupprecht

May 4, 2021 | our family has grown | 400+ members | from 60+ countries

The Rhinoplasty Society in the US was our ideal and our model, but it indeed cost a lot of effort to take part in the annual meeting there and to cross the atlantic just for one day. Therefore, only a few Europeans attended this conference.

At a congress of Plastic Surgery in Istanbul in 2010, which was attended by Bahman Guyuron, Rollin Daniel and other American friends, I discussed this problem with these colleagues and they supported my idea to found a “Rhinoplasty Society of Europe”, which could become linked with “The Rhinoplasty Society” (US) as a sister society.

This idea was discussed intensively with my European friends and we implemented it in our founding meeting during our annual Stuttgart Rhinoplasty Course in May 2011. The beginning was far from easy, especially because of our “competitors” in this field, but after 10 years it has now become clear that the founding and developing of a scientific society focused on the many aspects and nuances of rhinoplasty was an important step forward to improve the education in this field and to create a true network for all colleagues genuinely interested in the fascinating and complex world of rhinoplasty.

Wolfgang Gubisch

Dear friends and members of our Society,

being a 10 years old is a landmark to be noted. It’s not being ​adults but it’s leaving infancy behind.

The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe was founded by the vision and determination of Wolfgang Gubisch together with some friends on May 4, 2011. Since then, the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe has grown to become  today a family of 430 members from 64 countries. 

Our mission is education without bias, free from politics and dedicated to the open exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences concerning all aspects of rhinoplasty. In my recent update message (READ MORE) I already listed a number of initiatives we have completed and those we are planning for the future.

In the meanwhile, I want to celebrate with you this tenth anniversary and I promise you that we will keep on going with strength and determination, focusing on generously sharing knowledge. 

This will add science and vigor to our  passion for rhinoplasty and improve the results of the surgeries we do every day for the sake of our patients!

Happy birthday, RSE!

Enrico Robotti