Open Rhinoplasty Course
Bergamo (IT)


Bergamo (IT)
Giovanni XXIII Congress Centre, Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII 106, Bergamo

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04 Feb 2021 - 06 Feb 2021

Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Since its first edition in 2008, the biennial Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course has progressively grown in format and reputation to become one of the foremost rhinoplasty symposia worldwide.

The 2018 Edition counted 600 attendees from 64 different countries and enjoyed overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our Faculty of internationally acknowledged Masters spared no effort to provide the best possible teaching and the most effective education.

In a worldwide scenario of many courses and abundant educational options, we want our 2020 Edition to be as PRAGMATIC, PROGRESSIVE and PRACTICAL as possible, meaning its full three days should serve you to improve and sharpen your practice as much as possible.  Thus, our program will be equally useful, on separate learning tracks, to beginners in rhinoplasty as well as to established rhinoplasty surgeons, and will concentrate on efficacy rather than looks.  It is an evident fact that contemporary rhinoplasty is seeing a profusion of new notions and innovative ideas. Some are exciting and intriguing; some are confusing. Techniques have multiplied and results are improved with new anatomy and “preservation” concepts, and this, together with new instrumentation is generating hopes, hypes and potential confusion.  We want the Bergamo course to help you develop your judgment based on facts and provide unbiased algorithms, so that you may find your right way in the choppy seas of contemporary rhinoplasty

While preserving the well-established track of our previous courses, these will be the main features of the 2020 Edition designed to optimize learning:

  • The greatest international Faculty of Rhinoplasty Masters
  • A highly intensive progressive format with lectures, edited videos, panels, videopanels, boxing-rings and technique-focused videoclips.
  • Highlight on current controversies and expert “summing-up” review of their pros and cons
  • Full sessions on new anatomy concepts and “Preservation Rhinoplasty” techniques
  • 24 one- hour Masterclasses by world-renowned Masters: plenty of time to get into essential personal detail
  • Customizable, track-based, program for attendees with different levels of experience
  • Extensive presence from the industry and related workshops on topics that matter to one’s practice

Video teaching will once again be the highlight of this 7th Edition and will strongly characterize its educational portfolio. Video-panels, technique video-focus sessions, as well as fully edited author commented videos will all be founded on high-quality video as the best learning tool possible.

Also, please note that the Course will be preceded by the annual meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, with a non-overlapping and multidisciplinary program, and will be followed on March 29 by the optional cadaver dissection day directed by Mario Bussi.

Plentiful accommodation choices, convenient direct travel to one of the major hubs of low-cost airline carriers and the best Italian hospitality, art and history in the setting of charming Bergamo will complete the picture.

Whether you have previously attended Bergamo, or never been there so far, we promise to do our very best to provide you with the best course ever!

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